Are you tired of that boring treadmill?  Looking for a fun and exciting way to exercise?  Did you know that you can 
get in shape and lose weight, all while learning to defend yourself?  Mixed Martial Arts has been constantly evolving 
for years and we, at American Fighter MMA Academy, have evolved with it. We specialize in Ryukyu Kempo 
pressure point self-defense and Kung Fu.  We build character and confidence.  By 
training your body and your mind, we will help transform you into a happier and healthier person.  At American Fighter, 
we excel in providing a well-rounded martial arts experience for children and adults, while providing a family friendly 
atmosphere.  Respect, balance, eye-hand coordination, focus, self-control, fitness and flexibility are just a few 
of the benefits that you or your child will experience from our training.  We have programs that will fit your needs, so 
call today to learn about class registration and enrollment options.
Little Dragons, 4-7 years old.
Junior Dragons, 7-16 years old.
Adults, 14 years old and up.

Formerly American Fighter MMA Academy



Karate and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) training.